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Hello, I am Helen Morris, the President of the Inner Wheel Club of Banbury from July 2016 to end of June 2017. I joined the Club in 2011 and have always found it to be a very friendly and active club with 56 members now. I feel very honoured to be the current President.

The Club members have great fun and have been very supportive to all sorts of charities. This year I have chosen to support two local charities – Agnes Court (Leonard Cheshire Home) and Style Acre – both of which provide help to those with disabilities.

I look forward to many events this year including the 70th Anniversary of our Club in October. So, if you are interested in finding out more about our great organisation, please use the contacts page to get in touch.

Welcome to Banbury Inner Wheel website

A message from the President for 2016/17


The focus of Inner Wheel is friendship and  personal service. Our aims are to:


~ promote true friendship

~ encourage the ideals of personal     service

~ foster international understanding

Each Club selects its own charities and  channels of service, though raising money is  not the main object of Inner Wheel.